4 reasons why you should avoid modification of cars in India

Reasons to Avoid Modifications of Cars in IndiaAre you thinking to modify your car? Well, this can be a bad idea! Let us make it simple for you. Not all types of modification of cars are legal in India. So, you need to double-check the laws applicable in your region to avoid any hassles and penalties.

There are many shops or dealers that may be able to help you in getting your car modified as per your dreams or plans. However, as mentioned above this could land you in serious problems!

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We have mentioned a few points below to help you understand why you shouldn’t modify your car.

Reasons why modification of cars in India can be a bad idea:-

1. RTO / legal issues

Trust us, this is one of those issues you should avoid at all costs. You don’t want your car’s Registration Certificate to be canceled, right? Well, some modifications can surely get your car’s Registration Certificate canceled.

You must always first double-check the applicable laws and then only proceed with the modifications to avoid hassles, penalties, seizure of the vehicle, Cancellation of Registration Certificate, etc.

However, some modifications are allowed such as a Change of Color (be sure to double-check about it in your region). But, after such modifications, you must immediately get your car verified by the RTO to avoid legal issues. Otherwise, you might get into trouble for the same.

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2. Insurance and Warranty

If you had got your car modified but didn’t get it verified by the RTO and it met with an accident then in such case the insurance company may reject your claim. If you want the insurance claim process to be smooth and problem-free then you must get your car verified by the RTO right after the permitted or legal modifications.

Regarding Manufacturer’s Warranty:- Manufacturers’ warranty cover can be very strict. If you don’t want to void your car’s warranty provided by the manufacturer then you must read their terms and conditions regarding the modifications. In some cases, even a slight deviation from the stock condition may result in a void of the company’s warranty. Companies are very strict in case of engine modifications and also take other changes seriously like with the ECU or electric wiring.

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3. Performance, long life, and safety

Sometimes, car owners get inspired by YouTube videos or other sources and decide to get their cars modified as shown in the videos or suggested. Some of them even take their brand new cars to get modified and regret it later.

We won’t mention the names of the shops or markets. But, we will definitely recommend you to at least search on YouTube about other car owners’ experiences with their car modifications. You may be able to understand how expensive a mistake it can be!

We saw a few videos in which car owners were reporting that they took their brand new cars for modifications and after which their cars no more feel like new at all.

Regarding Performance, Long life, and Safety:- Companies are required to perform different types of testing of their vehicles before launching them to the general public. So, these vehicles in their stock condition are considered safer than the after-market fittings in almost all cases. It is possible that the after-market accessories/ fittings are not properly tested and which can negatively impact your car’s performance, life, and safety. We will recommend you maintain your car as suggested by the manufacturer to ensure its smooth performance, long life, and safety.

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4. Re-sale value and issues

There are so many reasons why you may not get a good resale value for your modified car. Well, we have to admit that in some cases this may not be entirely true! But, if you are someone who doesn’t have proper knowledge about car modifications then we would recommend you avoid making any kind of changes to your car!

Mostly, people prefer to buy used vehicles with stock fittings or conditions. So, that’s why you may not get the expected resale value for your modified car.

If we keep the resale value aside then sometimes finding a buyer for a modified car can also be a challenging task!

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We hope that you have found the information presented on this page to be valuable! We have tried our level best to only present the correct information. However, human mistakes are possible and that’s why we always recommend visitors of our blog do their own research before taking the final decision.

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