Best Car Glass Cleaners in India | Windshield Cleaner

Best Car Glass Cleaner in India

A clean windshield is very important to drive safely or stay safe on the road. However, it and the windows of the car get dirty with time by pollutants like dirt, tree sap, bird droppings, etc.

This is where the Car Glass Cleaner comes into the picture!

A good glass cleaner cleans the dirt marks and other stains. Not only this, but it also helps to keep the glasses scratch & streak-free. Further, some products come with even more features or protection like water beading effect, protective layer to prevent dust build-up, etc.

We’ll suggest you check our mini-guide also to learn some tips, cleaning procedure, common myths, etc.

Quick Tip:-

Shake the container well before use.

These are the Best Car Glass Cleaners in India:-

1. Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner

This is certainly the best car glass cleaner that you can get in the Indian market! The solution is strong enough to efficiently clean bugs, tree sap, road grime, vinyl fog, smokers film, and bird droppings.

You may need to use it a bit more on tough stains like bird droppings, hard water spots, etc. but it can help you get rid of such things.

Its pH-balanced formula emulsifies dirt and grime, and the unique chemical containing lubricant helps the dirt particles glide off the surface. This saves the glass surfaces from scratches and makes the cleaning procedure easy and fast.

Last but not least, its anti-hazing formula provides long-lasting clarity.

Our Opinion:- We really liked the streak-free clarity and the pleasant fragrance that it leaves behind. It doesn’t demand too much effort and makes the cleaning procedure fast & efficient!


  • Streak-free & long-lasting results
  • Safe to use on tinted glasses
  • Superior cleaning of bugs, road grime, etc.
  • Helps to clean the hard water spots
  • Glide off effect for dust particles to avoid scratches
  • Doesn’t leave any residue behind


  • May need to use more to clean tough stains like bird droppings.

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2. Wavex Glass Cleaner + Glass Polish + Windshield Washer Fluid

Wavex has bundled these products together for superior glass cleaning plus protection. This kit contains –

Glass Cleaner:- This is a fairly strong cleaner. It can remove dirt, bugs, fingerprints, etc. with minimal effort. It provides streak-free clarity and the best thing about this product is that it is made using rain repellant technology. Its water beading effect is mild but still helpful in rains. So, if you don’t have time to apply the polish then also the glasses will have mild water beading to provide you a good clarity.

Glass Polish:- If you want to protect the glasses from future stains then this polish can help you. It doesn’t let the dust particles settle. Further, it can help you remove those water spots which the cleaner may fail to remove. Last but not least, it doesn’t contain Ammonia and is safe to use on tinted glasses also.

Windshield Washer Fluid:- This is a concentrate product that uses Anti-Freeze/ De-Icer formula. It acts as a lubricant for wipers while cleaning the windshield. This saves the windshield from scratches and provides good clarity. You only need about 100 ml for single-use and fill the rest of the washer fluid tank with water.
100 ml concentrate is suggested for an average 3-liter washer fluid tank. Also, RO or distilled water is recommended.

Tip:- Cleaning is recommended to be done in a vertical motion and buffing in a circular motion. Both the processes require a separate and clean microfiber cloth for the best results. For more info, you can check our mini-guide mentioned at the end of this article.

Note:- Polish must be used after cleaner. Also, make sure you check the quantity of each product (in this kit) on the product’s page to avoid confusion.

Our Opinion:- This is a great pick for those who are looking for an all-in-one kind of kit that can clean and protect car glasses. We really liked the water-beading effect when the polish was applied after cleaner. It is very helpful, especially in the rainy season.


  • Great for an all-round cleaning and protection
  • Cleaner removes pollutants efficiently
  • Leaves no residue behind
  • Safe to use on tinted glasses
  • Cleaner and Polish (combined) provide a very nice water beading effect
  • Polish provides protection from bird droppings, UV rays, etc.
  • Windshield washer fluid concentrate requires less quantity for single-use


  • Cleaner:- hard water spots may be left behind.
  • Polish:- requires a little extra effort for buffing.

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3. Formula 1 Glass Cleaner with Rain Repellent

Here’s another quality product for you! It can help you efficiently clean dirt, bugs, etc. The best thing about this product is that it also leaves a rain repellant effect behind! This effect increases the visibility at times of rain as the repellant doesn’t let the water stay on the surface.

The rain repellant layer/ film stays for a fair duration. Last but not least, frequent use of the product will help you to keep the windshield and windows of your car clear like new!

Tip:- Spray it mildly on tinted glasses and wipe it off immediately. This will help you to save the tint from getting damaged.

Our Opinion:- This is a high-quality product! Its water beading effect is mild but helpful, especially in the rainy season.


  • Cleans dirt, bugs, road film effectively
  • Streak-free clarity
  • Doesn’t leave residue behind
  • Water beading improves visibility in rain


  • May be required to use more on tough stains like bird droppings, hard water stains, etc.

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4. 3M Car Care Glass Cleaner

This cleaner from 3M uses a streak-free formula. It is capable of removing the stains, dirt, filmy residues, grime, and fingerprints from the glass surfaces very efficiently. It spreads easily and requires minimal effort to clean.

It doesn’t contain Ammonia and is safe to use for the user as well as for the environment. It can be also be used on tinted glasses. Last but not least, it doesn’t leave an unpleasant smell behind.

Our Opinion:- This is one of the best performing products in this category. It is quite budget-friendly and packs fantastic cleaning power!


  • Streak-free clarity
  • Cleans dirt or stains efficiently
  • Doesn’t leave an unpleasant smell behind
  • Doesn’t leave residue behind
  • Doesn’t contain Ammonia:- Safe to use on Tinted glasses


  • May need to use more to clean bird droppings, hard water spots, or hard stains.

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5. SCHÜTZEN Clear Shine Glass Cleaner

This product uses an Anti-Streaking formula to eliminate streaks and enhance the overall visibility of the glasses.

It can remove fingerprints, streaks, bugs, dirt, etc. without much effort. However, you will need to use it generously for good results and especially over tough stains like bird droppings. (But, do not spray heavily on tinted glasses.)

Further, it uses Unique Water Beading Polymer Technology to promote good clarity even in rains. Last but not least, it is available at a very affordable price.

Our Opinion:- Its cleaning action is better than regular household cleaners. The best thing about this product is that it also offers a mild water beading effect which is helpful in rains. If you are on a tight budget then you can consider buying this product.


  • Uses Anti-Streaking formula for streak-free clarity
  • Water beading improves visibility in rain
  • Cleans dirt, bugs, fingerprints, etc.
  • Affordable price


  • Gets used up more when compared to its rivals.
  • Water beading is mild and doesn’t last much longer.
  • Tough stains like bird droppings are hard to clean.
  • Buffing requires a little extra effort.

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Why you should use a Car Glass Cleaner?

  • Improves the visibility
  • Water beading effect (may not be offered by all the products)
  • Doesn’t let stains settle on the surface easily
  • Helps to keep the glass scratch & streak-free
  • Protects against bird droppings, UV rays, etc. (may not be offered by all the products)
  • Helps to avoid wiper marks on the windshield

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How to use a Car Glass Cleaner?

  • Step 1:- We are considering that you have cleaned the glasses with a pressure washer just like the other parts of your car. Also, make sure the glasses are dry and cool to the touch.
  • Step 2:- Spray sensibly and do not let it drip.
    • On Windshield:- We’ll recommend you to clean the windshield in half-half sections. Spray 4-6 times on both parts and do not let it dry.
    • On Windows:- Spray 2-4 times on a window. Clean the windows one by one.
    • On Tinted Windows:- Spray mildly on tinted windows (clean & buff immediately).
  • Step 3:- Use a microfiber cloth and clean in a vertical direction (from top to bottom). Apply mild pressure only.
    Also, use your wrist to slide the cloth slowly from its front to the rear side as you come down while cleaning. This way the dust or pollutants will get stuck & lifted with the cloth and will not cause any scratches.
  • Step 4:- Use a clean Waffle Weave Microfiber Cloth and buff in a circular motion to wipe the excess product. This will also help you to get rid of swirl marks.
  • Step 5:- Repeat the procedure (with only the cleaner and not water) once more to achieve an even better finish! However, this time you should apply a lesser amount of cleaner and clean & buff it like mentioned above.

Tip to clean the glasses from the inside:- While cleaning the glasses from the inside, do not directly spray the product on the glasses as it can drip on the dashboard and other parts. Instead, you should spray on a clean microfiber cloth and then use it to clean the glasses. Make sure to flip the cloth to its clean side for different glasses and it is fairly wet to clean properly. Also, don’t forget to buff properly (with a separate cloth) after cleaning.

Please understand that the amount of cleaner to spray or apply may differ from product to product. So, we’ll suggest you carefully read the product usage guidelines for optimum results.

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A few tips for you:-

  • Always use products from trusted brands:- We will always recommend you to use a branded product and not the cheap one! A wrong or a cheap product may provide harm in place of good.
  • Use good quality Microfiber Cloths:- The Two Towel Method requires 2 cloths. One is used to clean and the other one to buff. You can check our Car Microfiber Cloth guide to buy the best cloth!
  • Say NO to Ammonia:- We’ll recommend you to never use Ammonia-based products on your car’s glasses and especially on tinted glasses. It may damage the tint and also cause discoloring. Further, Ammonia-based products may leave streaks behind and which will lead to glare.
  • Clean with water first:- It’s always a good idea to first clean with the water. But you must wait till the surface is dry again to apply the cleaner.
  • Park your car under a shade:- For the best results, it is always recommended to park your car under a shade and away from direct sunlight. This makes the cleaning procedure easy and efficient.
  • Work in small sections:- You should clean in sections, especially when you are cleaning the windshield. This way the product doesn’t get the chance to dry and you get good results.
  • Be extra careful while cleaning the tinted glasses:- Do not spray or use the cleaner on the edges. Spray mildly and clean immediately to avoid damaging the tint.
  • Do not let it drip:- Spraying too much will not just waste the product but it will also start dripping and may not provide the desired results. Further, you will need to clean the other parts again on which the cleaner has dripped.
  • Car is parked for a long time:- You should consider getting your car cleaned at a branded car care station by professionals to avoid damage to the paint and glasses.

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Busting myths:-

  • Using newspapers, paper towels, etc. for cleaning:- Professionals always suggest staying away from these things and methods to preserve the visibility of the glasses and avoid scratches.
  • Using ordinary cloth:- An ordinary cloth can provide harm in place of benefit. It can’t trap dust as efficiently as a microfiber cloth can. Also, it often leaves scratches and swirl marks behind.
    A good quality microfiber cloth traps dust efficiently and can absorb water multiple times its own weight. It also provides scratchless plus swirl-free cleaning and that’s why all the professionals recommend using it in place of ordinary cloth.
  • Using household cleaners:- A big no from our side to all those people who are thinking to use household cleaners. A car glass cleaner is specifically made for car glasses, while household cleaners are not! Also, you must not use a household cleaner on tinted glasses unless you are sure that it won’t ruin the tint.
  • Not cleaning with water first:- You should not apply the cleaner without cleaning the glasses with water first. When you clean your car with a pressure washer, you should also clean the glasses and wait till they have dried. This helps the cleaner to clean even more efficiently.
  • Expecting high water beading effect:- Mostly, cleaners only provide a mild water beading effect. If you want a high water beading effect and for a longer duration then you may consider getting a rain repellant or polish separately.

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