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Best Car Mobile Holder in India

Using a mobile phone while driving can be very dangerous and can never be recommended to anyone. The car owners or drivers can use Car Mobile Phone Holder which is safe to use and is very practical as well!

Car Mobile Mounts are available in India in a wide range. A good mobile phone holder can be really very helpful like on a high traffic road when you need to talk on some important calls and in big cities like Delhi where you need to look at Google Maps to find your way, etc.

Car Phone Holders are available at different prices in India at offline as well as Online Stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc.

Out of all, we have searched and compiled the list of the best car mobile holder in India. You can check these best mobile cradles below and buy the one that fits your requirements.

Please note that all the content here on this page is entirely based on our opinion and the internet search we have done. If you think you know better products then please share them by commenting below.

These are the Best Car Mobile Phone Holder in India:-

1. ELV Car Phone Holder

Not everybody likes to put a mobile phone holder in their car on AC vents or near Audio Player and that’s where the WindShield mountable car holder comes into play!

This holder from ELV is one of the best car mobile phone holders available out there in the Indian market!

The built quality of the product is good. You will be able to rotate your phone 360 Degrees after mounting it on this holder. Isn’t it cool? You can adjust your phone as per situation like vertically while listening to music, or horizontally while using Google Maps, etc.

The base of this holder sticks pretty well on the windshield that you won’t have to worry about it falling off while driving.

Also, it comes with an adjustable long arm that you can use to pull your phone closer to you or put it on the dashboard for a nice feel!

Also, the grip of this holder is good enough to work on the dashboard, in case you don’t want to put it on the windshield of your car.


  • Grip works on the windshield as well dashboard
  • Comes with a long adjustable arm
  • 360 Degree rotation
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with 2-step locking


  • Suction & Adhesive might not work properly after some time
  • Holder might fall off from the windshield if the car is parked for long under the sun

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2. Portronics CLAMP X Car-Vent Mobile Holder

If you were looking for a mobile phone holder for the car which you can mount on the car’s AC vent then you can consider this one!

It comes with a Strong Lock Mechanism with the help of which it grabs the AC vent strongly. Also, it comes with a One-Click Release button, in case you would like to stop using it or pull it off.

It can rotate 360 Degrees, enabling you to use it at your ease. It comes with an Adjustable-Side Arm design. You can use this feature of this car mobile holder to properly fit your mobile phone in it.

Soft padding promotes a good and scratchless hold to mobile phones.


  • 360 Degree rotation for better use
  • Easy to install
  • Strong grip in all weather conditions and even on bumpy roads.
  • Easy to Release button
  • Adjustable sidearms
  • Soft paddings for scratchless smartphone mounting


  • Circular Air Vents not supported
  • Can hold mobiles phones up to 6 inches in size only

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3. BOBO Universal Magnetic Air Vent Mount Car Phone Holder

This is one of the best Magnetic Car Phone Holders available out there in the Indian market. The internet is filled with positive feedback because the product does its job as said!

The magnet is powerful enough to hold your phone even on bumpy roads. The packaging contains what is required to start using this magnetic car phone holder.

It comes with magnetic plates and uses 3M adhesive and which is simply one of the best in the industry.

This magnetic mobile phone holder can be used to mount almost any phone. Also, you can rotate your mobile phone without any issue as it doesn’t have any kind of resistance.

It is quite compact in design and works on almost all kinds of air vents of the cars.


  • Easy to install
  • Uses a magnetic field to hold mobile phones
  • Can be used to mount almost any smartphone
  • Uses 3M adhesive on plates
  • Compact in design


  • Magnets might become weak after some time

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4. HIRATEK Magnetic Mobile Holder

Here’s one more magnetic car phone holder which can also be used in offices or homes at the work or study tables.

This one looks very classy and compact. The build quality is also very nice. It also comes with 3M adhesives tapes for better holding of the mobile phones.

As there is no resistance so you can rotate your mobile phone for better viewing angles.

One of the best things about this product is that it comes in 4 colors – Black, Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold. So, you can choose the color that you like the most!


  • Uses 3M adhesive sticker and the Package contains one extra 3M adhesive sticker
  • Easy to install
  • Good looking and can be used at Office Desks, study tables, etc.
  • Available in 4 different colors – Black, Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold.
  • Fit to mount almost any mobile phone
  • Compact design


  • Can only be mounted on the dashboard of the car or flat surfaces

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5. Amkette iGrip Telescopic One Touch Car Mount

One more telescopic car mobile phone holder for you! You can mount this holder on your car’s windshield as well as the dashboard.

It comes with a dedicated dashboard pad, which is pretty handy and makes this mobile holder even more sturdy in the bumpy rides!

It provides you the ability of 230 Degrees rotation. The telescopic arm extends up to 8.3 inches (21 CM) which is quite decent.

The reusable sticky gel on the suction cup of the holder makes it even more effective, especially when a car is driven by multiple drivers (drivers might change the position of the holder from the dashboard to the windshield or vice-versa as per their ease).

Also, the reusable sticky gel on the suction cup ensures a good grip for a longer duration.


  • Easy to install
  • Good grip on the windshield as well as on the dashboard of the car
  • Reusable sticky gel on the suction cup makes it long-lasting
  • The telescopic arm extends up to 8.3 inches (21 CM)
  • Powerful clamps to hold the smartphone strongly
  • Comes with a dedicated Dashboard pad


  • Can only rotate 230 Degrees

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So, these are the Best Car Mobile Phone Holders in India. Hope you have found the information provided here on this page valuable.

We expect more visits from you in the future to this blog.

Happy Driving!

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